Introducing the OWELL 120kW Diesel Generator – Your Ultimate Power Solution

Nov 20, 2023

Power your world with OWELL Industries, a leading R&D enterprise specializing in innovative power solutions. Our state-of-the-art 120kW Diesel Generator is a high-performance power device designed to meet the diverse needs of global markets.

Reliable Power Anywhere, Anytime:The OWELL 120kW Diesel Generator is a robust power solution capable of delivering stable and reliable electricity. Ideal for construction sites, mining operations, hospitals, factories, and other high-power demand environments, this generator ensures a continuous and dependable power supply.

Efficient Diesel Engine:At the heart of the generator is a powerful diesel engine known for its robust performance, complete combustion, and broad fuel adaptability. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines offer higher thermal efficiency and fuel economy, making them suitable for prolonged, continuous operations.

Advanced Generator Technology:Equipped with a cutting-edge generator, the OWELL 120kW Diesel Generator efficiently converts rotational motion into electrical energy. Utilizing advanced magnetic field regulation technology, it ensures a stable output of voltage and frequency, guaranteeing optimal power quality.

Intelligent Control System:The generator comes with an intelligent control system that enables automatic start/stop and remote monitoring functionalities. Through real-time power monitoring and adjustment, it ensures the safe operation of the equipment and a stable power supply. The smart control system also provides timely maintenance and repair alerts, extending the lifespan of the generator.

Noise Reduction Technology:To minimize noise pollution during operation, the OWELL 120kW Diesel Generator is equipped with noise reduction devices, including silencers and soundproof enclosures. These measures reduce noise to the bare minimum, protecting both the working environment and the well-being of personnel.

Customizable Features and Accessories:In addition to its core features, the generator offers a variety of optional accessories and functions. Choose a higher protection level with a sealed enclosure for enhanced waterproof and dustproof performance. Opt for additional safety features such as an oil-water separator and fire suppression system to further enhance equipment safety. Tailor the generator to meet specific requirements with customizable functions, ensuring versatility for various applications.

OWELL Industries – Your Trusted Power Partner:In summary, the OWELL 120kW Diesel Generator is an outstanding power solution suitable for a wide range of high-power demand scenarios. With its reliability, efficiency, energy savings, and intelligent features, it meets the diverse power needs of users.

Whether it's a construction site or a hospital, OWELL Industries delivers a reliable power guarantee with the 120kW Diesel Generator. Choose OWELL for top-notch power solutions that empower your world.

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