Business Case: WEICHAI 400kW Silent Diesel Generator Set to Kazakhstan

Sep 18, 2023

WEICHAI power series 400kW/500kVA standby diesel generator set with ATS to Kazakhstan market.

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1. Genset main specifications
Genset   modelSW550GFS
Rated   power(KW/KVA)400/500
Standby   power(KW/KVA)440/550
Rated   Current/Max. Current(A)626
Reference   sizes (L*W*H)4250*1600*2180
Reference   weight4380kg
Rated   output voltage(V)380/220;  3 phase 4 wire
Frequency   (Hz)50
Rated   speed(rpm)1500
Rated   power factor0.8
Exciting   modeBrushless   self-excitation
Starting   modeDC24V   motor starting
Speed   regulationElectronic   control unit (ECU)
Cooling   modeClosed   water cooling
2. Gensent main performance index
Frequency   drop (%)0-5
Steady-state   frequency band(%)≤1.5
Transient frequency deviation100%   sudden power reduction(%)≤+12
Sudden power boost(%)≤-20
Frequency recovery time (S)≤5
Relative frequency tolerance band(%)2
Steady   voltage deviation(%)≤±2.5
Transient Voltage deviation100%   sudden power reduction(%)≤+25
Sudden power boost(%)≤-20
Voltage   recovery time (S)≤6
3.   Engine technical specs
ModelWeichai   WP13D490E310
Rated   power(KW)450
Rated   speed(rpm)1500
TypeWater   cooled, in-line, four stroke, turbocharge
Intake   typeturbocharged
Cylinder   No.6.L
Compression   ratio171
Oil   capacity12.54L
Coolant Capacity70L
4.Alternator technical specs
Rated   power(KW)400/500
Insulation   classН   Class
Protection   classIP22
Phase   & wiresthree-phase   four-wire
Voltage   regulatorAVR
Exciting   modeBrushless   self-excitation
5.   Control system specs
Controller languageChinese & English   & Spanish & Russian & Others
AlarmØ Speed is too high/too low
Ø The battery   voltage is too low or too high
Ø Start and stop   failed
Ø Charging   failure
Ø Overcurrent
Ø Genset voltage is   too low/too high
Ø Low oil   pressure
Ø Emergency   stop
Ø Excessive engine   temperature
Ø Overload
Monitor   displayØ Genset voltage   (phase-phase/Phase-line)
Ø Engine oil   pressure (pounds per square inch - bar)
Ø Current(L1,L2,L3)  
Ø Engine   temperature (°C and °F)
Ø Genset frequency   (Hz)
Ø Factory battery   voltage
Ø Engine running   hour meter
Ø Unit kVA,   KWH
Ø Unit power as a   percentage of rated power
Ø Unit Cos (σ)

Configuration   Details

EngineWeichai   WP13D490E3101installed
Radiator50 Aluminum water tank1installed
Breaker800A Chint MCCB1installed
Control   SystemSmartGen   HGM6120CAN1installed
Chassissteel chassis with 700L diesel   oil tank1installed
Fuel   filteroriginal1installed
Oil   filteroriginal1installed
Air   filteroriginal1installed
Storage   batteryMaintenance-free   battery1installed
battery   cablePure copper   battery wire1installed
silencerIndustrial   exhaust silencer and stainless steel bellow1installed
Silent   canopy1.5/2mm cold   plate bending, pickling phosphating, spraying, internal paste 40mm high   performance sound-absorbing sponge, independent exhaust chamber, air inlet   noise reduction partition;65dB~70dB; 1installed
Independent   ATS Cabinet800A ATS   Cabinet1Included
Accessories   and materialsGenerator Unit   manual; Engine manual; Alternator manual;Certificate of qualification; tools,   etc1Included


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