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Weichai series diesel generator sets are equipped with water-cooling four-stroke industrial diesel engines produced by Weichai Power Company Limited. The gensets use modular design, compact structure. the voltage of control system is 24VDC. and equipped with diesel and oil spin-on filter and dry filter. They have good power, economy, reliability, the parts are versatile, easy to replace and easy maintenance.

Product Advantages

1. Good fuel economy performance. high thermal efficiency. When the working condition changes, the Variation curve of fuel consumption rate is relalively flat, so it's economical in case of low load. 

2. Reliability and durabilily. low failure rate because of no ignition system 

3. Wide range of use. 

4. Low emission of harmful substances. 

5. Good fire safety. The automatic voltage regulation of the generator set is silicon controlled. compound excitation, TD1 type carbon resistance AVA, high power pipes are used in Individual cases. 

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