Macron expresses his position on the power supply problem in France in winter, calling on the public not to panic

Dec 06, 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his position on the issue of electricity supply in France in winter, calling on the public not to panic about this issue. He also hopes that people can reduce energy consumption. He said that it is legal for French officials to prepare for the power supply plan in extreme cases, which means that if the power supply is insufficient, there will be power outages for several hours a day.


Macron hopes that people can reduce energy consumption and continue to abide by the relevant energy reduction plans previously proposed by officials. He believes that if people can work together to reduce daily energy consumption by 10%, France has a chance to avoid power supply interruptions in winter.


Analysts pointed out earlier that EDF had postponed the restart of several nuclear reactors, resulting in a decline in nuclear power output; the crisis in Ukraine has also led to tight energy supply in Europe; the temperature in France has dropped significantly recently; the above multiple factors have made the power shortage problem in France increasingly prominent in winter.


According to the power supply details disclosed by the French BFM TV station, the French power grid operator has begun to formulate a specific plan for power outages. The power outage areas will be distributed in various places in France. Each household will have a power outage of up to two hours a day, and there will only be one power outage in a day. There will be no blackouts in areas identified as priority areas, including hospitals, defense facilities, etc.