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Lamp Dimension300*550*80mm370*660*80mm370*790*80mm430*1000*100mm
Emitting colorWarm/ CoolWarm/ CoolWarm/ CoolWarm/ Cool
Working Temperature-20~+60℃-20~+60℃-20~+60℃-20~+60℃
PV Board Dimension632*340mm632*340mm550*350mm970*400mm
PV Board SpecificationMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline silicon
LiFePO4 Battery3.2V 33AH3.2V 46AH3.2V 60AH3.2V 80AH
Charging Time6-8H6-8H6-8H6-8H
Discharging Time12-20H12-20H12-20H12-20H
Smart Functiondusk motiondusk motiondusk motiondusk motion

EPISTAR Advanced Intelligent Control Chip

8-12m Radar Sensors

Charging during the day, automatic light at night without operation, intelligent response to all kind of weather changes

IP65 Protection Class

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Strong battery life, full power bright lighting 12-20H hours

Service Life: 3 years

High Efficiency Monocrnystalline Silicon Solar Panel

Solar Panel With PET Lamination Process, High Conversion, Fast Charging, Durable And Long Lasting

Die Casting Aluminum Housing

Anti- Aging Engineering Grade Die Casting Aluminum Shell, High Quality Heat Dissipation Design, Anti-corrosion And Oxidation Resistance

Adjustable Angle Bracket

Made Of High-Quality Materials And Using A Baking Varnish Process. It Is Not Easy To Rust And Easy To Install.

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