Nord Stream 1 Natural Gas Pipeline Resumes 40% Supply To Europe

Jul 24, 2022

According to Russian media reports, after a 10-day "stop supply storm", Russia's "Nord Stream-1" natural gas pipeline ended routine maintenance work and resumed natural gas supply to Europe on July 21. According to relevant statements from Russian and German natural gas operators, it is expected that the gas transmission volume of the "Nord Stream-1" pipeline, which has resumed ventilation, will be the same as the level before routine maintenance, that is 40% of the full capacity.

Although the EU has indicated that it is ready, including that Russia will no longer restart the "Nord Stream-1", EU Energy Commissioner Simson said on the 20th that if Russia completely stops natural gas supply this year, it will lead to a shortage of at least 30 billion cubic meter of natural gas in the EU in winter.

"Gas shortage" will undoubtedly lead to soaring energy prices. But on the other hand, the heat wave hit Europe this summer and the energy crisis has intensified again. The demand for natural gas in European countries has not decreased but increased. Some EU countries are pulling the coal-fired power back to the historic stage. 

The variety of energy sources and sustainable development should be paid more attention, especially for clean energy like solar power, wind power, hydro power...