Why you need clean robot for solar panels

Jun 11, 2022

The importance of cleaning solar power station

As a new type of cleaning energy, solar power generation is developing rapidly all over the world.The global installed capacity is 114.9GW in 2019 ,and it has reached 627GW in total. However, because solar power stations are usually built on higher terrain, where sunshine is sufficient, but there is a lot of wind and sand, and water resources are scarce.Therefore, it is easy to accumulate dust and dirt on solar panels,and the power generation efficiency can be reduced by 8%-30% on average.The hot spot problem of photovoltaic panels caused by dust also greatly reduces the service life of photovoltaic panels.

Manual cleaning method is flexible and changeable, strong adaptability, low cleaning efficiency, high labor cost, suitable for small-scale and complex power stations.

Based on this, our company has selected an automatic cleaning method for small smart equipment and independently developed a small smart photovoltaic cleaning robot to serve the photovoltaic energy industry.

Product Advantage

The second generation cleaning robot has more advantages than the robots on the market in terms of performance, product design, intelligent control, etc., such as portability, long life, intelligent APP controller, and easy to disassemble, install, adjust and maintain brushes.

APP Platform & Remote Controller

APP platform: mobile phone operation, fully automatic, more convenient, no need to bring a remote control, clean solar panels.

Start at any time, stop at any time, scrub repeatedly, where there is no network, you can use the remote control to start and operate the soalr panel cleaning robot