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Large cleaning area, low power consumption; strong adaptability. Products are available for working environment like roofs, plains, hills, deserts, lakes and other areas and terrains

Portable Solar Photovoltaic Panels Clean Robot Features

1. Superior performance: lithium battery, brushless motor, durable service life;

2. Full-automatic operation: automatic start and stop, automatic return, self-adaptation;

3. Light weight: The whole machine weight ≤ 20kg, convenient to carry;

4. Self-contained charging system: solar self-charging, working can last 8-10 hours;

5. Long cruising range: 3KM cruising range;

6. Cleaning: a machine can clean 1.2MWp/day;

7. High cost performance : low cost, quick payback;

8. Modular design: widely applicable to various arrangement arrays, easy to install;

9. Wide range of application: strong adaptability, suitable for roofs, greenhouses, plains, hills, deserts, lakes and other areas and terrains. The overall protection level of the control system is IP55;

10. working temperature: -40~70 ℃;

11. Large cleaning area: 3000m one-way running distance;

12. Good cleaning effects: the cleaning efficiency is above 95%, and the cleaning part adopts a soft spiral brush made of polymer materials, which will not damage the tempered glass.

13. Equipped with wireless module: remote control and telemetry function;

14. 2 operation modes: full-automatic remote control operation mode and local manual control operation mode. The 2 modes can be switched mutually;

15. Equipped with infrared temperature sensor group: it can measure the temperature of the crystal silicon wafer of the PV panel, which analyze the power generation of the single panel;

16. The system comes with two modes: water cleaning and anhydrous cleaning;

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