Take you to understand natural gas

Sep 27, 2022

Natural gas is an extremely flammable clean fossil energy, the main component is methane. Its origin is similar to other fossil energy sources. In short, it is the organic matter of animals and plants left on the earth's surface. After time precipitation and complex crustal movement, they are buried deep in the earth's crust. Under the action of pressure and geothermal heat, this organic matter slowly evolved into fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil and natural gas.


Compared with traditional fossil energy such as coal and crude oil, natural gas has the advantages of more reserves, relatively low carbon emission and relatively low mining difficulty.


Although natural gas is not as environmentally friendly as solar and wind energy, natural gas still needs to be used when there is no sun or wind. It is expected that in the short and medium term, human beings should not be able to get rid of their dependence on fossil energy, and can only choose relatively clean fossil energy for proper use.