Power Outage For More Than 9 Hours A Day? ! This Country, Start A New Round Of Power Cuts!

Jul 12, 2022

On the afternoon of July 4, local time, South Africa began a new round of power curtailment measures. It is winter in the southern hemisphere, and many South African households rely on electricity for heating, lighting and cooking, and power outages have had a big impact on the lives of locals.


Since 2008, South Africa has suffered from a severe power crisis, which started a history of rolling blackouts. The latest data released by the South African Scientific and Industrial Research Council shows that in the six months from the beginning of 2022 to the present, the South African Power Group has reduced power generation by 2,276 GWh, which is close to the level of last year; 90% of the duration.


Chris Yeland, South African energy expert: The impact of the blackout on the South African economy is obviously a huge inconvenience to millions, but more importantly, it has caused very serious damage at all levels , From small businesses to commerce, industry, agriculture, mining, transportation, every sector of the economy is affected by the shortage of electricity, the South African economy cannot grow due to the constraints of the electricity supply, and very importantly, foreign and local investment is restricted and even was shelved.


On July 3, South Africa's Tianda Investment Bank said that in the next few months, if the current blackout situation does not improve, South Africa's economic growth will be hit hard, and South Africa's rating in the international market may decline further.


South Africa's electricity supply relies heavily on coal-fired power plants. South Africa is looking to increase electricity generation from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources in an effort to reduce environmental pollution, although experts say it will take at least 2024 or 2025 to significantly increase South Africa's power generation capacity.