A school in Spain installs solar panels to provide free electricity for schools and surrounding families

Jul 31, 2022

A secondary school and a residents' association in Barcelona, Spain have partnered with the city council to create a solar-powered community. Solar panels on the school's roof power the school and 30 homes in the surrounding area, providing households with access to clean energy and a reduced electricity bill.

The secondary school is located in the old industrial area of Pobleno. Kaiser Ochoa, the school's math teacher and a member of the Sustainability Committee, said the school's desire to reduce energy consumption aligns with residents' thinking. For the first time in this energy community, the council agreed to install solar panels on school roofs at a cost of 94,000 euros.

The city council has set itself a goal of 5-fold increase in solar power generation in the public and private sectors by 2030. "These energy communities are very special, they enable solutions that would otherwise not be feasible, but it does not apply to the whole city," said Eloy Badia, MP for Climate Change and Ecological Transition. "Ultimately, Barcelona's solution is Let everyone have solar panels on their roofs."

With the awareness of energy crisis and global warming, the renewable energy and clean enenrgy are entering our lives more and more. Some resources like wind power, solar power are the beautiful gift from nature.