Polish Prime Minister: It is expected that Poland will almost completely stop importing oil from Russia in the near future

Mar 02, 2023

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki said that oil imports from Russia will be almost completely stopped in February or March.


Morawiecki said Poland has been reducing Russian oil imports since 2016. With Russian oil falling to 10% of Poland's total oil imports at the start of this year, it will drop to close to zero in February or March.


Poland has made ending its dependence on Russia's fossil fuels a priority for its government in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. According to Morawiecki, Poland is also the main initiator of the European Union's policy of imposing a comprehensive embargo on Russian fossil fuels.


Poland's Oren Petroleum Company said on February 25 that Russia has suspended oil delivery to Poland through the "Friendship" pipeline. As Rosneft meets only 10% of its needs, Örenneft will use other channels to fill the gap without affecting deliveries of gasoline and diesel to customers.