The Nord Stream 1 Pipeline Will Be Closed For 10 Days For Maintenance, But The German Side Is Worried That The Natural Gas Supply Will Not Resume

Jul 10, 2022

RT reported that Gazprom's Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline is maintained every year, and this year's maintenance date has been determined to be carried out between July 11 and 21. But the Confederation of German Industry (BDI) told the Financial Times that it was impossible to complete the overhaul within a 10-day period, claiming that Gazprom would "use maintenance as an excuse to stop the gas supply for a longer period of time for various technical reasons ".

Previously, for the supply shortage caused by the regular maintenance of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Russia would compensate by increasing the supply of pipelines passing through Ukraine or Poland. However, a number of German officials and industry representatives claimed that Russia may not do so this time in order to create a natural gas shortage.

German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economics and Climate Protection Robert Habeck announced the activation of the second level "alert" of Germany's natural gas shortage emergency plan. This means that the country's "natural gas supply situation has deteriorated significantly". According to the German Federal Network Authority (BNetzA), the current flow reduction has little noticeable impact on German supply, but if Russia continues to restrict the flow of natural gas through the Nord Stream-1 pipeline and Germany does not take additional measures, Germany It will be difficult to fill its gas storage to 90% by December.

The energy crisis in Europ is predicted to get more serious in the coming months, which may increase the inflation level further.  Although the Euro exchange and high sea freight problem are not relieved yet.  However, wind energy and solar energy projects construction are still a significant option to deal with this crisis before winter.