European countries have just started saving energy for the winter

Dec 14, 2022

Swedish Prime Minister Says People May Face Blackouts This Winter


Swedish Prime Minister Christosson said on December 9 that this winter, Swedish households may experience occasional power outages, and he called on the public to save electricity.


Sweden is a net exporter of electricity in 2021. However, since the outbreak of the European energy crisis, the Swedish people have also faced high energy prices in recent months.


Fossil fuel power plants in the country have been ordered to remain on standby until mid-March to reduce the risk of blackouts, a spokesman for Sweden's national grid operator said.


Start-up of new nuclear reactors delayed, heightened risk of power outages in Finland


The Finnish Power Grid Corporation stated on December 9 local time that the start-up time of the No. 3 nuclear reactor of the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant needs to be postponed again, and Finland will face a greater risk of power outages in the next few months.


After the escalation in Ukraine in February, Finland reversed course and sought to join NATO. Russia said in May that it would suspend electricity exports to Finland from the 14th of that month due to Finland's arrears of electricity bills. The Finnish Power Grid Company warned that if the Olkiluoto No. 3 nuclear reactor cannot be integrated into the grid for stable power supply in the event of power supply interruptions in Russia and insufficient wind power generation, Finland may experience a power outage this winter due to insufficient supply.


To avoid power outages, Macron called on the public to reduce daily energy consumption by 10%


Analysts pointed out earlier that EDF had postponed the restart of several nuclear reactors, resulting in a decline in nuclear power output; the crisis in Ukraine has also led to tight energy supply in Europe; the temperature in France has dropped significantly recently; the above multiple factors have made the power shortage problem in France increasingly prominent in winter.


According to the power supply details disclosed by French BFM TV on December 2, the French power grid operator has started to formulate a specific plan for power outages. The power outage areas will be distributed in various places in France. Power outage once.


French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his position on the issue of power supply in winter in France on December 3 local time, calling on the public not to panic about this issue. He also hopes that people can reduce energy consumption. He believes that if people can work together to reduce daily energy consumption by 10%, France has a chance to avoid power supply interruptions in winter.