Amazon unveils 71 new renewable energy projects, including firsts in Brazil, India and Poland

Nov 01, 2022

Amazon has announced that it is expanding its renewable energy program globally with the launch of 71 new renewable energy projects, including its first in South America, a solar farm in Brazil, and their first renewable energy project in India. and Poland's first solar farm.


All of Amazon's global renewable energy projects, once fully operational, will generate 50,000 GWh of clean energy, equivalent to powering 4.6 million people's homes each year.


Amazon Web Services CEO says the company is working on new wind and solar to power their offices, distribution centers, data centers and stores, as the company aims to reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2025


Currently, Amazon has 379 renewable energy projects in 21 countries, including 154 wind and solar farms and 225 rooftop solar projects, with 18.5 GW of renewable energy capacity. By the end of 2021, the company had reached 85% renewable energy.


Amazon launched the Climate Pledge in 2019 with Global Optimism, pledging to achieve net-zero carbon emissions 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement goals. More than 375 companies have signed the Climate Pledge, including Best Buy, IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Siemens, Unilever, Verizon and Visa. Amazon has purchased 100,000 electric vans, its largest-ever order for electric vans, and has begun rolling out nationwide. In addition, Amazon is investing $2 billion in the Climate Pledge Fund to further develop decarbonization services and solutions.