Swiss government: Heating temperature above 19°C would probably be sentenced in this winter

Sep 11, 2022

Swiss Ministry of Economic Affairs spokesman Swanderli said on September 6 that Swiss people who violated the Swiss government directive in this winter to heat their home above 19°C will face fines and up to three years in prison.

According to the Swiss government's plan, indoor heating temperatures cannot exceed 19°C and hot water cannot exceed 60°C this winter. Residents are prohibited from using heaters or self-heating tents. And saunas and swimming pools must be closed. Those who violate the rules intentionally can be imprisoned for up to three years; those who violate the rules inadvertently can be fined. Swandley explained that the minimum daily fine is 30 Swiss francs , and the maximum fine can be as high as 3,000 Swiss francs. Companies that deliberately exceed their natural gas quotas could also face penalties.

There is a higher risk of energy and gas shortages in Switzerland this winter. Earlier, the chairman of the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission called on the public to stock up on candles and firewood in case of power outages this winter