President of Turkey Erdogan says Europe is suffering the consequences

Sep 08, 2022

Due to the failure of Russia's "North Stream-1" natural gas pipeline to resume gas supply, on September 5, local time, the price of natural gas in Europe rose sharply again. Affected by this, the European stock market and foreign exchange market became more volatile. The German stock market suffered the biggest decline in the past six months, and the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar reached a new low in two decades.

"Europe reaps what Europe sows," Erdogan said, and Russia is responding to European sanctions in a similar fashion. "I think Europe has a serious problem this winter, but Turkey doesn't have that problem."

Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, many European countries have imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia. Turkey, both a NATO member and Russia's Black Sea neighbor, has made it clear that it will not join the ranks of sanctions against Russia. Turkmenistan is willing to be a neutral mediator in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and push for an early end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.