There's not much gas the European power industry can save for this winter

Aug 02, 2022

The potential for gas savings across the EU power sector is limited, and the EU region is trying to prepare for a winter that may lack supplies from Russia. Reducing the consumption of natural gas for power generation is one of the main sources of demand reduction pointed out by the European Commission's "Save gas and spend the winter safely" program. 

Taking Germany as an example, in the best-case scenario, natural gas consumption in the power industry from early August to late winter will likely be cut by 66%. However, in 2021, natural gas for power generation will account for only 11% of Germany's total natural gas demand. German gas demand for power generation is well below the combined demand of industrial and residential users – a situation that applies to many EU countries. Therefore, focusing on reducing consumption in other industries may be more conducive to achieving the European Commission's goals.

Some industrial and residential users start to be aware of building power system to guarantee self-sufficiency, including small and middle wind & solar power system, especially at this stage of high oil price. It's getting more and more cost-effective.

Moreover, due to too many uncertainties in this winter, the standby diesel generator is also becoming brisk.

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