Effective Preventive Measures for Gas Generator Set Faults

Nov 17, 2023

In accordance with the maintenance manual for gas generator sets, it is essential to periodically disassemble the gas generator set into various components. Each component should be meticulously inspected for signs of aging and wear. Additionally, it is crucial to clean the surfaces of the components from dust and oil residue. Any severely worn or distorted components should be promptly replaced. To ensure prolonged durability, a uniform application of rust preventive oil on component surfaces is recommended. Moreover, it is imperative to replace malfunctioning devices such as water pump seals, cylinder sleeve temperature sensors, thermostats, and starter motors.

Once confirmed that all components are in optimal condition, the next step is to sequentially reassemble the components into a fully operational gas generator set. A detailed examination of the installation of each component, relative positioning, and interval distances is necessary. Following the assembly, a functional test should be conducted under various operating conditions. Upon successful testing, the preventive maintenance work is considered complete, and the gas generator set can be put into operation.

Furthermore, a comprehensive analysis taking into account factors such as the usage lifespan, historical operational conditions, and fault occurrence rates is essential. Implementing a tiered technical maintenance system allows for different levels of disassembly and inspection procedures. This approach not only achieves the desired preventive maintenance effects but also reduces the workload associated with generator set maintenance, avoiding disruptions to normal operations caused by frequent disassembly and inspections.

For instance, using cumulative working hours as a tiered standard, first-level technical maintenance should be performed when the cumulative working hours of the gas generator set reach 1000 hours. Second-level technical maintenance is recommended at 500 hours, and third-level technical maintenance should be conducted when the cumulative working hours reach either 1000 or 1500 hours.

By following these preventive measures, gas generator sets can operate efficiently, ensuring prolonged lifespan and minimizing the risk of unexpected failures.


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