OWELL Vertical Axis Wind Generator Characteristics

Nov 24, 2021

OWELL Vertical Axis Wind Generator Characteristics

1. Security. Using the vertical blade and triangular double-fulcrum design, the main force points concentrated in the hub, so blade lose, broken and leaf flying-out and other issues have been a better solved.


2. Noise. The use of horizontal rotation and blade application aircraft wing design, making the noise reduced to an unperceived level in natural environment.


3. Wind resistance. Horizontal rotation and triangular double fulcrum design make it bear a small wind pressure, so that it can withstand 45 m/s super typhoon.


4. Rotation radius. Because of design structure and special operating principle, it has a smaller radius of rotation than other types of wind turbines, it saves space, while improving efficiency.


5. Power generation curve characteristics. Start wind speed is lower than other types of wind turbines, the power generation increasing rate is relatively gentle, so between 5 and 8 meters wind speed range, it could produce 10% ~ 30% power more than other types of wind turbines.

6. Effective wind speed range. The special control principle makes effective wind speed range expend to 2.5 ~ 25m / s, with the maximum use of wind resources, obtain a higher power generation, improve wind power investment economics.


7. Brake devices. The blades have speed protection, and can configure manual mechanical and electronic brake meantime, in the absence of typhoon and super gust area, manual brake is enough.


8. Operation and maintenance. Direct drive type permanent magnet generator, without gear box and steering mechanism. Its enough to regularly(usually every six months) check the connection of the running parts.