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OWELL Q type vertical axis wind generator

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Rate Power100W200W300W400W500W
Wheel Diameter1.1m1.1m1.1m1.4m1.4m
Net Weight12kg12.5kg13kg18kg19kg
Package sizes950*350*360mm950*350*360mm950*350*360mm1060*415*425mm1060*415*425mm
Blade Quantity9 pcs7 pcs
Rate Voltage12V/24V
Start-up Wind Speed2.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed12m/s
Extreme Wind Speed45m/s
Blade MaterialsAluminum Alloy
Generator housing MaterialsAluminum Alloy
Export PackingCarton
Generator Type3 phase AC Permanent Magnet Generator
Alnico MagnetNdFeB
Brake ModeElectromagnetic
Wind AdjustmentAutomatically adjustment to windward
Work Temperature-40℃ ~ 80℃

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