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Robust Generator Performance

At the heart of every OWELL generator is a state-of-the-art power plant. These generators are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Here are some key features that set them apart:

☆ Advanced Brushless Self-Excitation

The OWELL alternators feature a four-level brushless self-excitation system with H-level insulation. This not only ensures superior voltage regulation, with an option to include a PMG system for regulation rates better than 0.5%, but also enhances the starting motor's capabilities. Even when subjected to non-linear loads, OWELL generators stand strong, resisting waveform distortions.

☆ Innovative Control Panel

The control panel is strategically placed on the common base frame, isolated from the diesel engine for vibration-free operation. Alternatively, it can be mounted on the generator using shock absorbers. It boasts a comprehensive operational and protection system, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your power generation.

☆ Reliable Air Circuit Breaker

The air circuit breaker in OWELL generators is designed for high reliability and ease of operation. It simplifies output connections, making your power distribution more convenient.

☆ Sturdy Base-Mounted Fuel Tank

The base-mounted fuel tank can support more than 8 hours of continuous operation. This not only optimizes the fuel system but also eliminates the need for on-site fuel system installation. It's perfect for small generator rooms and mobile applications, and it even includes a return oil heat insulation device.

☆ Effective Anti-Vibration Mechanism

OWELL generators reduce vibrations during operation, effectively protecting all components and extending the generator's lifespan.

☆ Durable Common Base

The steel common base is easy to lift and move. It has undergone sandblasting and anti-rust treatment, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient structure.

☆ Dry Air Filters with Resistance Indicators

The dry air filters come with resistance indicators to guide users in maintenance and replacement, ensuring peak performance.

☆ Eco-Friendly Diesel Engine

The diesel engines used in OWELL generators are eco-friendly, specially designed for power generation. They are water-cooled, low-emission, low-noise, low-fuel consumption, and highly reliable.

☆ Efficient Cooling System

OWELL generators feature an efficient cooling system with fans and safety guards to prevent overheating.


A Global Network of Trusted Suppliers

At OWELL, we source components and accessories from world-renowned suppliers like CUMMINS, VOLVO, PERKINS, DOOSAN, WEICHAI, DEEPSEA, SMARTGEN, and more. This ensures that our products are of the highest quality and reliability, meeting the needs of global markets.

When it comes to dependable power generation, trust OWELL Open-Frame Diesel Generators to keep your operations running smoothly. Experience the power of reliability today with OWELL.


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