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Engine ModelZS1110ZS1105ZS1115ZS1125ZS1130
Starting SystemManual or electric start
Fuel Consumption250250240240240
TypeHorizontal single cylinder, 4 strokes, water-cooled
Cooling TypeClosed circulating cooling(consender)
Rated Speed1500/1800rpm
Rated Current(A)1821.6273643.2
Power Factor0.8

ChangChai Engine

Quality & Testing

Production & management follow ISO9001:2015 requirement, each generator must be passed strict inspection in each progressing.

1. All the raw materials/parts by IQC (Incoming Quality Control) before launch into process.

  2. Each generator/part under control of IPQC (Input Process Quality Control).

  3. Each generator/part must be pass 100% inspection between process.

  4. All-sided ex-factory testing in various condition (Outgoing Quality Control), test items as following.

>Loading test in 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%,

>Heat run test

>Insulation resistance test

>Frequently starting test

>Alarm and timing relays test.

Packing & Delivery

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