OWELL Horizontal Type Wind Turbine Features

Jan 18, 2022

OWELL Horizontal Type Wind Turbine Features

1. Safety: The main force points of the blades are concentrated on the hub so that the problems of blade falling off, breaking and blade flying out have been better solved.

2. Wind resistance: horizontal rotation makes it less wind pressure and can resist super typhoon of 45 meters per second.


3. Radius of gyration: Due to the difference in design structure and operating principle, it has a smaller radius of gyration than other types of wind turbine, which saves space and improves much efficiency at the same time.


4. Power generation curve characteristics: The starting wind speed is lower than other types of wind turbines, and the rise in power generation is relatively gentle. Therefore, in the range of 5-8 meters wind speed, its power generation is 10-30% higher than other types of wind turbines.


5. Brake device: The blade itself has rotational speed protection, and can be equipped with both mechanical manual and electronic automatic brakes. In areas without typhoons and super gusts, only manual brakes are enough actually.

6. The turbine housing is made of A3 steel, which is small in size, light in weight, beautiful in appearance and low in running vibration.

7. Flange installation, good strength, easy installation and maintenance.

8. Fiber reinforced plastic blades, with optimized aerodynamic shape and structural design, low starting wind speed, high wind energy utilization coefficient, which improves annual power generation.

9. The tail rudder adopts automatic yaw design, folded tail type, stronger anti-typhoon ability, safe and reliable operation.

10. The generator adopts a permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a special rotor design, which effectively reduces the resistance torque of the generator, which is only 1/3 of the ordinary motor, and meanwhile makes the wind wheel and the generator have better matching performance and operation reliability.

11. Optional maximum power tracking intelligent controller that effectively adjusts the current and electricity.