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Characteristics and Applications of High Voltage Generators

With the expansion of the data center, the capacity requirements for diesel generator sets as backup power sources are becoming larger. Multiple high-power diesel generator sets need to be interconnected to meet the load demands. Moreover, the distance between the data center and the actual load is increasing. The use of traditional parallel operation with multiple low-voltage diesel generator sets exposes several operational and transmission flaws. In order to achieve a safer and more reliable operation, adopting high-voltage generator sets is a better choice.

In applications where there is a need for large capacity and transmission over long distances, high-voltage diesel generator sets have significant advantages such as high capacity, long-distance power supply, centralized construction of powerhouses, strong reliability, and a simple supporting power distribution system. It is an inevitable trend for the selection and application of large-capacity generator sets. High-voltage diesel generator sets have been extensively used in various fields, including banks, data centers, metallurgy, and civil aviation.

The main voltage levels for 50Hz high-voltage diesel generator sets are 6kV, 6.3kV, 6.6kV, 10kV, 10.5kV, and 11kV. Each individual unit generally has a power rating of 1000kW or more, and multiple units can be used in parallel.

* 60Hz generator set can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer.

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1 Engine. Generally requires a single unit power of 1000KW or more, and can use engines such as Cummins, MTU, etc. No difference from low-voltage units. 

2 Alternator. Short-distance power transmission is possible. Significant difference from low-voltage generators. 

3 Connection Method. Selected based on different voltage levels, can use branded generators like STAMFORD, Kangfu, etc. Vibration pads installed under the base. 

4 Parallel Control System. Double-bearing generator coupling, reliable operation, and higher safety. No significant difference from low-voltage parallel control systems, adding differential protection. 

5 High-Voltage Switchgear. Generally includes the main controller, synchronizing device, etc., can use COMAP main control system, CUMMINS, CAT, MTU parallel control system, and differential protection. 

6 PT Cabinet. The parallel output switch generally uses a draw-out electric vacuum circuit breaker, comprehensive protection system, and DC operation.




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