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Super brightness LED chips

130lm/w High efficiency light source, excellent uniformity of luminous.

Optical V-structure reflector cup

High reflectance&diffuse reflectance for large illumination area and long illumination distance

High class Polysilicon solar panels

Super fast charging automatically,up to 17% conversion, long life span with low maintenance.

IP65 waterproof grade

Uses new-generation, high quality LiFeP04 batteries,Large capacity, excellent service life, high safety.


Lamp Dimension520*360*50mm660*400*50mm820*400*50mm930*450*50mm1220*450*50mm
Emitting ColorWarm/ CoolWarm/ CoolWarm/ CoolWarm/ CoolWarm/ Cool
Working Temperature-20~+60℃-20~+60℃-20~+60℃-20~+60℃-20~+60℃
PV Board Dimension510*310mm650*350mm810*350mm920*40mm1200*400mm
PV Board SpecificationPolycrystalline SiliconPolycrystalline SiliconPolycrystalline SiliconPolycrystalline SiliconPolycrystalline Silicon
Lithium Battery7.4V 20AH7.4V 30AH11.1v 24AH11.1V 34AH11.1V 46AH
Charging Time6-8H6-8H6-8H6-8H6-8H
Discharging Time10-15H10-15H10-15H10-15H10-15H
Smart FunctionTime controlTime controlTime controlTime controlTime control

IP65 Protection Level

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Full power bright lighting 8-12 hours

High Efficiency Polysilicon Solar Panel

Solar Panel With PET Lamination Process, High Conversion, Fast Charging, Durable And Long Lasting

Die Casting Aluminum Housing

Anti- Aging Engineering Grade Die Casting Aluminum Shell, High QualityHeat Dissipation Design, Anti-Corrosion And Oxidation Resistance


Beautiful, Generous Design Of The Heat Dissipation Hole, So That The Street Lamp Work For A Long Time, The Occurrence Of Heat, Automatically Reduce The Internal Heat

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