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OWELL 1KW wind turbine generator 

Wind wheel: 3 blades wheel, Laminar flow type, high lift-drag ratio, good performance. Reinforced glass fiber blades, strong toughness and perfect dynamic nature.

●Generator and swivel are designed in a complete body, a close compact structure which enhances toughness, reduce weight of the generator set, and thus make it rotate more easily and safely.

●Hub: It adopts integrated flange hub design, internal groove taper design, perfectly seamless matching with spindle, safe and reliable use.

1kw horizontal axis wind generator parameters

Rate Power1KW
Rate Voltage48V/96V
Wheel Diameter2.8m
Generator Weight60KG
Start-up Wind Speed3m/s
Rated Wind Speed11m/s
Extreme Wind Speed50m/s
Blade Quantity3 pcs
Blade MaterialsFRP
Generator housing MaterialsQualitative Carbon Steel
Export PackingWooden Box
Generator Type3 phase AC Permanent Magnet Generator
Alnico MagnetNdFeB
Brake ModeElectromagnetic
Wind AdjustmentElectronically Controlled Yaw
Work Temperature-40℃ - 80℃
Packing Weight70KG
Packing Sizes1660*380*420 mm

*The specifications above are just for reference. Contact us for more customized solutions!!

1kw wind power curve

Off-grid wind energy system

On-grid wind energy system

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