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The OW-15kWH wind turbine uses a direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous generator with a generator starting torque of 7-10Nm and can be started at a wind speed of 2.5m / s. The maximum output power of the fan can reach 18kW, and the generator complies with IEC 60034-1 Medium S1 continuous working system requirements. It can still have stable power output at high wind speeds. This model has 3 safety protection systems: stall, electronic unloading, and hydraulic brake, making the system work more safe and reliable.


Rated Power15KW
Max Power18KW
Rated VoltageCustomized
Rated speed80 RPM
Start wind speed2.5m/s
Rated wind speed12m/s
Safety wind speed45m/s
Turbine Weight1050KG
Wheel diameter4.3m
Wheel height6.8m
Blade quantity3/4/5 pieces
Blade materialsFRP+Steel Frame
Turbine materialsAluminium Alloy
Braking systemElectromagnetic brake/mechanical brake(customerized)
Hydraulic brakeActive brake, electric outage brake
AlternatorThree-phase AC Disc Magnetic Levitation Alterntaor
Control systemElectromagnetic/The wind Angle automatically
Yaw methodSpeed self-protection, manual hydraulic brake, electronic brake
lubrication modeSelf-lubrication
Insulation ClassH
Design LevelIEC class III
Protection ClassIP54
Working temperature-40℃-80℃
Design life15 years
Controller unitPLC
Electronic unloading20KW brake resistance box

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