Is wind power garbage ?

Apr 15, 2022

The voices of criticism of wind power in the western world have been getting louder and louder, affecting birds and climate, electromagnetic, noise, light and shadow pollution... Some Western scholars have even established an international anti-wind power organization to continuously resist wind power through parades, lectures and other forms. develop. Previous wind power countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, and Australia even dismantled their own wind power equipment on a large scale. Why people start to get tired of wind power ?

Is wind power garbage?

Compared between good and bad, it is much more straightforward to call the wind power as garbage power for grid. But this garbage is not completely derogatory. It simply describes the uncontrollability of wind power generation, which is a professional term in the power system.

This starts with two characteristics of wind power generation.


I) Output randomness

Although the nouns are complex, the meaning behind them is very simple. It’s because that the wind power generation is random, and it is not controlled by human beings. For high-voltage power grids, the most important thing is stability, but wind power may be a nerve knife, and the output will be crazy for a certain period of time. This randomness leads to the pressure of the entire grid connection.

II) Inverse peaking characteristics

This is in a view of a practical point. Wind power tends to be the opposite of supply and demand. During the day when people need a lot of electricity, there is not enough wind to generate enough electricity. At night when everyone is resting, there is no need for much electricity, but the wind is constantly flowing. Inverse peaking are actually quite common.


It is based on the above two reasons that the power output is random and the power grid cannot carry it. A lot of wind power can only be wasted, which is the main reason why many experts now call it garbage power.


What is the real bottleneck of wind power?


The big reason why wind power is wasted is that electricity cannot be stored for a long time. The bottlenecks in battery materials and energy storage technology directly limit the development of wind power


Although the current energy storage materials have become the bottleneck of wind power, we need to seek qualitative changes through continuous quantitative changes during development. Once we can break through energy storage technology, wind power will be more useful.