Introduction to MPPT controller

Jun 03, 2021

MPPT Introduction

MPPT controller is "Maximum Power Point Tracking" controlling, which is an upgraded product of traditional wind & solar controller.


The MPPT controller can detect the voltage in real time, track the maximum voltage and current value (VI), so that the system can have the maximum power output.


MPPT function


The main functions of the MPPT controller: detect the DC voltage and output current of the main circuit, calculate the output power, and realize the tracking of the maximum power point.

The perturbation resistor R and the MOSFET are connected in series. Under the condition that the output voltage is basically stable, the average current through the resistor can be changed by the duty cycle of the MOSFET, thereby generating current perturbation. At the same time, the output current and voltage will also change accordingly. The output power and voltage previous and present the disturbance are measured to determine the direction of the disturbance in the next cycle. When the direction of the disturbance is correct, the output power will increase, and then the cycle continues to perturb in the same direction. On the contrary, it perturbs in the opposite direction.

In this way, the perturbation and observation are repeated to make the output reach the maximum power point.



The Difference Between MPPT Controller And Traditional

The traditional controller is a bit like a manual gearbox. When the engine speed increases, if the gearbox does not increase accordingly, it would inevitably affect the vehicle speed. But the charging parameters of MPPT controller are set before leaving the factory. the MPPT controller will track the maximum power point of generator in real time to maximize the efficiency. The higher the voltage, the more power can be output through maximum power tracking, thereby improving the charging efficiency. Theoretically speaking, MPPT controller will increase the efficiency of power generation by 50% than the traditional. But according to our actual test, due to the influence of the surrounding environment and various energy losses, the final efficiency can also be increased by 20%-30% .


In this sense, the MPPT controller is bound to eventually replace the traditional controller.

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