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1.Security. Using vertical blades and triangular double-fulcrum,The problems of blade lose/broken or leaf flying-out have been well solved.

2.Noise. Horizontal rotation and aircraft wing design reduce the noise to an unperceivable level in natural environment.
3.Wind resistance. Horizontal rotation and triangular double fulcrum design make it only bear a small wind pressure even in strong wind.
4.Rotation radius. smaller rotation radius than other types of wind turbines, space is saved while efficiency improved.
5.Power generation curve.The power generation increasing gently , it could produce 10% to 30% more power than other types of wind turbines.
6.Effective wind speed range. special control principle expended the wind speed to 2.5 ~ 25m/s, utilizes wind resource effectively and obtains a higher power generation.
7.Brake device. The blade itself has speed protection, and can configure manual mechanical and electronic brake meantime.
8.Operation and maintenance. Without gear box and steering mechanism, the wind turbine only needs regula check every 6 months.

Technology Parameters

Rated Power20KW
Max Power23KW
Rated Voltage400V
Start wind speed2.5m/s
Rated wind speed12m/s
Safety  wind speed35m/s
Turbine Weight2575KG
Wheel diameter7.6m
Wheel height10/9m
Blade quantity5
Blade materialaluminium alloy
Body materialaluminium alloy
Alternator3 phase permanent magnet synchronous generator
Control systemElectromagnetic/automatic adjust the Angle as per the wind
Yaw methodSpeed self-protection, manual hydraulic brake, electronic brake
lubrication modeSelf-lubrication
Working temperature-40℃-80℃

Output Power Curve

Annual generating capacity

Wind speed(m/s)Annual generating capacityOutput powerKW)

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