The Dutch government calls on residents to save energy in summer, otherwise they would be "out of gas" in winter

Jun 21, 2022

Reference News Network reported on June 21 that according to the Russian satellite news agency, the Dutch Minister of Climate and Energy Rob Jetten said on the 20th that the Dutch government called on businesses and households to save energy even in summer, because "every cubic meter of natural gas is precious. ".


"From now on, every cubic metre of gas counts, so the government is calling on companies and households to save as much energy as possible, even in summer," Jeten said.


The Dutch government had earlier announced a plan to lift restrictions on the operation of coal-fired power plants between 2022 and 2024 to reduce the risk of gas shortages, the report said. In addition, gas companies are required to report gas supplies to the government on a daily basis.


Rob Jerten also said that without additional measures across Europe, especially the Netherlands, will not be able to fill gas storage tanks with enough gas before winter.

  • Renewable energy such as solar, wind are expected to be sought after again.