Why can Denmark become the country with the highest proportion of wind power and renewable energy in the world?

May 22, 2023

Denmark is known as the "Kingdom of Wind Power". Wind energy is the largest source of power generation, but wind energy is unstable, sometimes more and sometimes less. How does Denmark solve it?


1. Denmark cooperates with some of Norway's hydropower and wind energy, and the combination of the two perfectly solves the problem of wind energy instability. When there is less wind, more hydropower will be generated, and when there is more wind, the hydropower station will generate less electricity and store more water.


2. Norway has historically been under Danish rule for a long time, and the two countries have had a good relationship. Even today, their relationship remains very close, with mutual interdependence in areas such as economy, energy, and electricity.


3. The government utilizes fiscal subsidies and price incentives to promote the entry of renewable energy into the market. This includes pricing advantages for "green" electricity and offshore wind power, among other measures.


From 1980 to the present, the Danish economy has experienced a cumulative growth of 78%. However, the total energy consumption has remained almost stagnant, with minimal growth. Surprisingly, the carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by 13% during this period.


In 2021, wind power accounted for 48% of Denmark's total electricity generation, while the combined share of wind and solar power reached an impressive 60.8%, making Denmark the global leader in this aspect. Moreover, renewable energy sources accounted for over 40% of Denmark's total energy consumption, demonstrating the country's significant progress in transitioning towards sustainable energy.


According to the Environmental Performance Index report, Denmark is projected to become a country that achieves global decarbonization goals by 2050. This indicates that Denmark is making significant strides in reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy.